Welcome to the official site of Cub Scout Pack 17, Wilton, CT.  The pack consists of about 60 boys in grades 1 through 5, and meets once a month in the cafeteria at Cider Mill School on School Road in Wilton (usually, please see the online calendar for the specific time and location of each pack meeting and activity) or an activities-based, local outdoor location. A PDF version of the Pack 17 2016-17 activities calendar is available for downloading and printing.

During the month, smaller “dens”, comprised of 6-8 boys, meet separately.  These dens are organized according to age: Tiger Cubs (1st graders), Wolves (2nd graders), Bears (3rd graders), and Webelos I and II (4th and 5th graders, respectively).  Den meetings focus on doing age specific activities and earning advancement and awards through field trips, hands-on projects, etc.  We really have a great time, and we hope you’ll join us.

The Pack conducts a wide variety of exciting activities year round, including the traditional Pinewood Derby and Blue & Gold Banquet, as well as hikes, camping trips, picnics, community service projects, and other fun events.

If you would like more information about joining the Cub Scouts, contact one of the leaders of our pack or the local scout council (CT Yankee Council).

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Major changes have happened to the Cub Scout program over the summer and we want to be sure that everyone in the pack is up to date! If you want to learn more, go to the following website page and look for the Cub Scouting quick links:

Program Updates – 2015 and Beyond

Latest News

  • Pack 17 – Popcorn Sale 2017


    That’s right! It’s that time of year again to dust off your uniform and get out there and sell popcorn! Show and Sell will be the weekends of 9/16 (Sat and Sun), 9/23 (Sat only), and 9/30 (Sat and Sun).

    2017 Popcorn Show & Sell – Shift Schedule

    Take orders (individual scout selling) will commence after the first pack meeting, where our Popcorn Kernel (Brent Chase) will give a popcorn talk and distribute the glossy order forms the scouts can take home.

    Take orders must all be gathered and submitted to Council by October 16, but we will need to wrap up order taking by Sunday, October 8. Take order forms need to be submitted to your den leader by October 8.

    Selling online is the best way to sell to your friends and family who live out of town. You can send emails to your customers asking them to purchase products online. Your customers click on the link in your email and can begin shopping right away. They order products online, pay with a credit card, and CAMP MASTERS ships the products directly to your customers.

    To send an email to your friends for online selling, go to CAMP MASTERS online sales and click on PopcornOrdering.com, then click on the yellow button labelled “Scout Sign In”. Accounts have been created for each of the scouts.

      Select the following:

    Council drop down: Connecticut Yankee Council
    Username: FirstNameLastName (no spaces)
    Password: FirstNameLastName1 (also no spaces)

    For example, if the scout’s name is John Doe, the username is JohnDoe and password is JohnDoe1. Then select, “send email” in the middle of the page. Type in the recipient’s email address and hit “send email” at the bottom right to send the email.

    Online sales do credit towards district prizes, which is new this year.

    Please realize selling popcorn should not be considered an optional activity for our loyal scouts. It is all our duty to contribute to popcorn sales, which is our only fundraiser for the whole year to help fund all of our scouting activities.

    Each scout is expected to support the Show and Sells and also sell some popcorn independently. Each scout, except TIgers, should each try to sell $250 worth at a minimum (that’s only 10 to 15 bags). Tiger Scouts should each try to sell $100 worth at a minimum.

    Plus, who doesn’t want to earn PRIZES!

    2017 Popcorn Prizes
    2017 Take Order Form – PDF
    2017 Popcorn Products

    You can also visit www.ctyankee.org/popcorn for a quick tutorial video.

Go to the photos page and check out the photos from Pack 17 events and den gatherings.